Tiaan Laubscher
Personal TrainerCycling,Fitness,Functional Training,Health & Wellness,Obesity
Dominique D`Oliveira
Personal TrainerAdvanced Core Strength,Functional Training,Gymnastics,Obstacle Course Training,Sports Specific Conditioning
Brian Donaldson
Personal TrainerFunctional Training,Health & Wellness,Injury Prevention,Sports Specific Training,Weight Management
Shawn du Plooy
Personal TrainerBodybuilding,Resistance Training,Sports Specific Training,Toning and Shaping
Suretha Palmer
Personal TrainerFunctional Training,Pre- and Postnatal (Qualified),Resistance Training,Tennis Coaching,Toning and Shaping
Adea Orlandi
Personal TrainerAdvanced Core Strength,Fitness,Pilates,Toning and Shaping,Weight Loss
Gerhard Spangenberg
Personal TrainerAdvanced Core Strength,Boxing,Functional Training,HIIT,Sports Specific Conditioning
Shuaib Petre
Personal TrainerAdvanced Core Strength,Flexibility,Gymnastics,Muscle Imbalance Correction
Che Van Heerden
Personal TrainerFunctional Training,HIIT,Sports Specific Training,Toning and Shaping,Weight Loss
Stephanie Pienaar
Personal TrainerFunctional Training,Kettlebells,Resistance Training,Toning and Shaping,Weight Loss
Shaun Meyer
Personal TrainerRunning,Sports Specific Training,Toning and Shaping,Weight Loss
Leonie Viljoen
Personal TrainerHealth & Wellness,HIIT,Pre- and Postnatal (Qualified),Small Groups,Weight Loss
Kieran Evans
Personal TrainerBoxing,Small Groups,Toning and Shaping,Weight Gain,Weight Loss
Tristan Abrahams
Personal TrainerAdvanced Core Strength,HIIT,Resistance Training,Small Groups,Sports Specific Conditioning
Leilah Simon
Personal TrainerFunctional Training,Rehabilitation,Small Groups,Toning and Shaping,Weight Loss
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