Sanele Sohuma
Personal TrainerBoxing,Elderly Fitness Specialist,Functional Training,HIIT,Muscle Imbalance Correction
Uzair Williams
Personal TrainerBodybuilding,Boxing,Functional Training,HIIT,Weight Management
Riad Adams
Personal TrainerBodybuilding,Resistance Training,Stage Preparation,Toning and Shaping,Weight Loss
Austine Amayo
Personal TrainerBoxing,Flexibility,Small Groups,Toning and Shaping
Moise Mamose Matwika
Personal TrainerBootcamp,Boxing,Weight Lifting
Fred Tutu
Personal TrainerBoxing,Functional Training,Sports Specific Training,Toning and Shaping,Weight Loss
Hannington Kajubi
Personal TrainerBoxing,Obesity,Small Groups,Toning and Shaping,Weight Loss
Richard Woolrich
Personal TrainerAdvanced Core Strength,Postural Assessment (Qualified),Sports Specific Conditioning,Sports Specific Training
Jeannot Ndagijimana
Personal TrainerResistance Training,Sports Specific Conditioning,Toning and Shaping,Weight Loss
Armand Nel
Personal TrainerFunctional Training,Health & Wellness,Resistance Training,Sports Specific Conditioning,Sports Specific Training
Yannick Windvogel
Personal TrainerFunctional Training,Health & Wellness,Resistance Training,Weight Loss,Weight Management
Jonathan Shulman
Personal TrainerFunctional Training,Toning and Shaping,Weight Loss,Weight Management
Tashreeq Ely
Personal TrainerBoxing,Functional Training,HIIT,Toning and Shaping,Weight Loss
Keegan Poole
Personal TrainerHIIT,Resistance Training,Sports Specific Training,Toning and Shaping,Weight Loss
Josh Cloete
Personal TrainerBoxing,Martial Arts,Small Groups,Toning and Shaping,Weight Management
Robin Philander
Personal TrainerBooty Building,Functional Training,Small Groups,Toning and Shaping,Weight Loss
Haydn Smith
Personal TrainerBodybuilding,Sports Specific Training,Toning and Shaping,Weight Gain,Weight Loss
Thozama Mamba
Personal TrainerAdvanced Core Strength,Resistance Training,Toning and Shaping,Weight Loss
Nathan Godfrey
Personal TrainerFunctional Training,Health & Wellness,Small Groups,Toning and Shaping,Weight Management
Emily Jenkins
Personal TrainerBodybuilding,Functional Training,Resistance Training,Toning and Shaping,Weight Loss
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